We are so glad that you are wanting to bring your family! Yes, you would still register as a church group. You can just put your family name as the church group name and enter your information in the other fields.

The total cost per camper (adult & child) is $250. There is a $125 per camper deposit due to lock in your spots at camp. The deposit will count towards your total registration cost.

Each student will be given a packet of verses to memorize. They can pick and choose which verse they want to work on. For each verse they say to their sponsor, their name is turned into the Mega Challenge bucket on the stage. Each day a drawing will take place, and students could receive a prize from their names being turned in. There will be two ways to turn names in. One is putting their name on the white slips of paper that are titled, “Mega Challenge”. The other way is to send a text to us. If you have unlimited texting in your phone plan, then it will not be any extra expense to do this.

Everyday there will be a drawing for rubber duckies on the stage when everyone is in the tabernacle. Any type of an action that a student is going out of their way to help others is considered a good deed. Our reason for this award is to assist sponsors in having another incentive for positive behavior for the week. This is also another way to have fun! When a student does something well, let them know and turn their name into the labeled rubber duckie bucket on the stage.

This year there will be two ways to turn students names in. One is putting their name on the yellow slips of paper that are titled, “Rubber Duckies”. The other way is to send a text to us.

That is when your color group meets in the sanctuary for bible study together. After the bible study time, you will have your small group time.

Students are given a chance to take time out to do the student devotion in their student book for that day in the cabin. This is a great opportunity for the campers to learn how to have their own time with God. Sponsors will need to encourage their students to take time to do this and be in the cabin with them.
Yes, we are always looking for people that have a passion to serve preteens. Every year we do an OTE leadership retreat that is free to attend. This is a time where we get to focus on the following summer and go over needed areas for people to serve in. Here are areas that we are usually looking for help: nurses, people to help in the hospitality room, serving on the recreation team, helping with tournaments, serving on the Over the Edge Team for the week or both weeks, writing curriculum, help run video, and etc.