Child Camper Registration

This form is for child camper registrations only. If you are a adult sponsor of a group or a group leader wanting to register their group, please use one of the corresponding links below.

Child campers are limited to those who have completed 3rd - 6th grade.

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Camper Details

Select the group you are attending camp with. If you don't see your group, please contact your group leader.

Parent/Gaurdian Details

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Medical Conditions

Check any and all conditions that this child/adult currently has or has had in the past and then explain specifically:

VERY IMPORTANT! — Texas state law requires that certain information be disclosed. Your cooperation as leaders and parents will aid in that. This form must have allergy and current immunization information listed with exact dates for anyone under 18. This may be an inconvenience but state law requires guests to be sent home immediately that do not give complete information.

Please list and explain any allergies in the field below.




Please list any medications and instructions in the field below.

** Texas law requires that all prescription medications (meds) for children & youth be stored & dispensed only by the Camp Health Officer (CHO). For a further step of safety, TBE recommends that all youth & adult meds, prescription & non-prescription, be stored & dispensed only by the CHO. This recommendation will be at the discretion of the group leader and the CHO. Prescription meds shall be sent in the original container with prescription label and gathered in a clear ziploc-type bag with camper name & church clearly marked. Upon camper arrival, the CHO shall place meds and related paraphernalia in a lockable storage area not accessible to campers. Meds shall be administered only by the CHO, unless otherwise allowed. At no time shall a child or youth be allowed to carry or self-administer meds without adult supervision, except in the case of immediate-use meds needed for life-threatening conditions (i.e. bee-sting meds, inhaler, etc…) and limited medications approved for use in first-aid kits. In each of these cases, the camp shall have on file a written statement of medical necessity from the prescribing doctor or the written approval of the Camp Health Officer for any camper to carry medication and related paraphernalia or devices.

Emergency Details

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